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Optional Set

Set: any

Class to use as an ArraySet. Defaults to ES6 Set.

Optional console

console: function

Custom function to use for logging. Defaults to console.log.

Type declaration

    • (string: any): void
    • Parameters

      • string: any

      Returns void

Optional customCancel

customCancel: any

Custom code for tag

Optional customSend

customSend: any

Custom code for tag

Optional doSend

doSend: any

Custom code for actually sending the tag

Optional generateSessionid

generateSessionid: function

Factory used to generate sessionid if sessionid keyword is not specified

Type declaration

    • (): any
    • Returns any

Optional interpreterScriptingContext

interpreterScriptingContext: any

Custom objects exposed to the interpreter scripting context

Optional invokeid

invokeid: string

Support for id of invoke element at runtime.

Optional invokers

invokers: any

Custom invokers

Optional params

params: any

Used to pass params from invoke. Sets the datamodel when interpreter is instantiated.

Optional parentSession

parentSession: BaseInterpreter

Used to pass parent session during invoke.

Optional sendAsync

sendAsync: boolean

Should use method gen or genAsync to pass event back into state machine?

Optional sessionRegistry

sessionRegistry: Map<string, BaseInterpreter>

Map used to map sessionid strings to Statechart instances.

Optional sessionid

sessionid: string

Used to populate SCXML _sessionid.

Optional snapshot

snapshot: Snapshot

State machine snapshot. Used to restore a serialized state machine.

Optional transitionSelector

transitionSelector: any

Custom function used to select transitions.

Optional xmlParser

xmlParser: any

Custom xml parser


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